Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice suit has the potential to impact both the financial stability and reputation of a hospital, physician, dentist, or any other healthcare provider. At Chilton Yambert Porter, our attorneys understand this risk and work with our clients to meticulously investigate each and every claim. We fully and efficiently develop and analyze every medical and legal issue the case may present and draw on a pool of nationally renowned experts to assist in developing a strong and thorough response to the problem. We believe that this strategy positions our clients to take full advantage of the opportunities presented both during negotiations and at trial.

Beyond litigation, our attorneys work with clients to identify and avoid risks inherent to the healthcare industry. In particular, the attorneys in Chilton Yambert Porter's Madison Office have extensive experience with Wisconsin's comprehensive medical malpractice scheme, including Chapter 655 and have litigated many of the leading cases that form the basis for Wisconsin's medical malpractice laws.


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