Trade Secrets & Non-Disclosure Agreements

It is rare in today's workplace to find an employee who works for the duration of his or her career with the same company. This, when combined with advancement in technologies making transfer of information quick and easy, leaves companies vulnerable to losing trade secrets along with a departing employee.

Attorneys in Chilton Yambert Porter's Trade Secrets & Non-Disclosure Agreements Group are able to provide our clients with the legal support necessary to protect their trade secrets and the competitive edge those secrets provide. Through well-crafted non-compete covenants, non-disclosure agreements, and trade secret/intellectual property assignment provisions, our clients can preemptively protect their assets.

The ease of transfer of information also leaves companies vulnerable to claims of trade secret misappropriation from incoming employees. Our attorneys advise clients on ways to avoid receiving trade secrets from those employees hired from competitors.

The attorneys of Chilton Yambert Porter are experienced with all aspects of trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements and ready to help our clients protect their valuable, intangible assets.


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