Municipal Law

Chilton Yambert Porter attorneys have experience in representing municipalities, school districts, local public officials, local public service employees, and local government boards and commissions, in a variety of State and Federal Court actions involving:

Section 1983 Actions
Police Misconduct Cases
Paramedic Negligence Cases
Employment Actions Related to Public Sector Employees
Zoning and Land Use regulations
Slip-and-fall and personal injury

In addition the their work as litigators, our attorneys regularly consult with municipalities in the areas of drafting zoning and land use ordinances, personnel and employment policies, advice on pending legislation, and a variety of other day-to-day issues.

Our attorneys in Chilton Yambert Porter's Municipal Law Group work with local public officials and employees to develop solutions to the unique problems they face that both help them function effectively and maintain the satisfaction of those they serve.


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