Appellate & Legal Issues

Chilton Yambert Porter LLP has a group of attorneys well-versed in the nuances of appellate practice.

At the trial court level, our appellate attorneys consult with our various practice groups in developing dispositive motions, jury instructions, other trial motions and post-trial motions with an eye toward issues that may be arise on appeal.

With a vast experience of applying legal principles to a diverse range of cases, Chilton Yambert Porter's attorneys have briefed, argued, and won countless appeals in both state and federal appellate and supreme courts.

The attorneys at Chilton Yambert Porter have exceptional legal, technical and practical knowledge in a wide variety of practice areas. They bring with them the ability to understand each case on a fundamental level and can effectively and persuasively argue the various issues that arise on appeal. This combination of legal knowledge and communication skills is what makes the attorneys at Chilton Yambert Porter such highly regarded and respected appellate lawyers.


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