Toxic Tort Law

Chilton Yambert & Porter's Toxic Tort Group is nationally recognized as one of the premier toxic tort defense litigation groups in the nation. We specialize in the representation of many Fortune 500 petroleum and chemical manufacturers and distributors in cases involving allegations of injuries due to exposure to products such as benzene, toluene, xylene, gasoline, diesel fuel, chlorinated solvents, titanium dioxide diacetyl and numerous other chemicals, along with asbestos, mold and lead exposure. We also act as national and/or regional coordinating counsel for several clients' toxic tort litigation dockets.

The depth of knowledge possessed by the attorneys in our Toxic Tort Group is a key strength in our defense of chemical exposure litigation. Working in close partnership with our clients' in-house attorneys, litigation managers and paralegals, Chilton Yambert & Porter's Toxic Tort Group assists our clients in developing cost effective, winning strategies for defending complex, high stakes toxic tort litigation, either at trial before a jury or around the negotiating table. Our litigators understand the medicine and science involved in complex chemical exposure litigation and have extensive experience working with expert witnesses from multiple disciplines to develop a successful litigation plan for our clients.

In recognition of the firm's significant achievements in toxic tort litigation, Chilton Yambert & Porter has been named a Top 500 "Go To Law Firm" for the fifth year in a row in the field of litigation based upon a corporate counsel survey of general counsel at the nation's top 500 companies.


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