Workers' Compensation

With employee benefits on a constant rise, workers' compensation claims can be extremely taxing on a business' bottom-line. We at Chilton Yambert Porter understand the significant exposure workers' compensation claims present to any business. We will expertly litigate and facilitate the process, so your business achieves the best possible outcome. We bring to our clients unparalleled experience and knowledge in the field of workers' compensation law. We diligently protect our clients' interests in each and every case entrusted to us. Throughout this process, we keep our clients closely informed and discuss strategy with our clients from the opening of a claim until it is favorably resolved.

We pride ourselves on, not only working hand-in-hand with, but truly getting to know our clients so we can effectively tailor our services to their needs. By pursuing all matters with the client's best interests and intentions in mind, we quickly earn the trust of our clients.

The attorneys in Chilton Yambert Porter's Workers' Compensation Group have extensive experience working in the field of workers' compensation law. We bring the knowledge of that experience to every case we defend. We have worked hard to earn a favorable and reliable reputation with legal experts, arbitrators, and attorneys to bring our clients the best possible result in defending workers' compensation claims throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

Our reputation of being prepared advocates for our clients allows us the ability to effectively litigate any worker's compensation claim in the most cost effective way for our clients. Whether it is negotiating a settlement, trying a case, taking a claim to the appellate level, or getting a case dismissed in court, our attorneys' expertise in the courtroom is renowned and respected which translates into savings for our clients.


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